“It’s happening” (TMV reunion in the works)

Cedric hinted at a The Mars Volta reunion in one of his latest tweets:

That’s not all, the guys seem to be in the studio as well:

Several news outlets have already picked up the story:

Forum discussion can be found here. Thanks to forumuser Andrewf for collecting some of the article links that you can find above!

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First new At the Drive-In song in 16 years released

Just sit back and enjoy:

Discuss it here

It’s been a very long time since the last blog post but this seems blog-worthy for sure. From ipecac.com/news:

Welcome Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (ORL Projects) to the Ipecac Family!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be releasing a series of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (At The Drive In/Mars Volta) solo albums with the first release, Sworn Virgins, available digitally on July 15.

The previously unreleased albums were recorded from 2008 to 2013, while Rodriguez-Lopez lived in Zapopan, Mexico and as well as his eventual return to El Paso. The titles will be released on a bi-weekly basis with the first spate of albums running through the end of the year. Each album will see a digital release with a limited number of physical copies (CD) available on Rodriguez-Lopez’s various live outings. Following the initial run of releases, a limited edition CD/LP box set will become available.

“The best part about having a record label is that you get to choose to work with people that you really admire,” said Ipecac’s Greg Werckman. “We had all admired Omar’s work from afar and then recently got to know him up close. It was so great to find out that as talented as he is, he is an even better human being and we love having him as part of the Ipecac family. But, it seems that he has blatantly taken advantage of our friendship. Sure, we were excited to release his solo catalog… but this many titles??????? What have we gotten ourselves into?”

Rodriguez-Lopez adds, “It’s crucial in this day and age to be able to surround yourself with like minded people that you can share an ethos with. I feel grateful and fortunate enough to have found this with such amazing people: Mike, Greg, Shawn, Marc and the Ipecac family. After throwing around many different project ideas, this seemed like the best place to actually begin, on what will surely be a long lasting collaboration. I can’t think of a better home for these records or of another label crazy enough to put out this much material. The series also owes its blood to the hard work and talents of Jon Debaun and Chris Common, who diligently scouredthrough endless hard drives to find these albums and provide such stellar mixes.”

Omar Rodriquez-Lopez initial release schedule:

Sworn Virgins (July 15)
Corazones (July 29)
Blind Worms Pious Swine (August 12)
Arañas en La Sombra (August 26)
Umbrella Mistress (September 9)
El Bien Y Mal Nos Une (September 23)
Cell Phone Bikini (October 7)
Infinity Drips (October 21)
Weekly Mansions (November 4)
Zapopan (November 18)
Nom De Guerre Cabal (December 2)
Some Need It Lonely (December 16)


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Tremulant EP – Remaster

Head over to http://nadiesound.com/ and get yourself a download of the Tremulant remaster, it is only $4 USD.

Direct link: http://nadiesound.com/album/tremulant-ep

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ANTEMASQUE – Cedric and Omar working together again

This time under the name ANTEMASQUE. Other members include Flea and Dave Elitch.

Here’s the official trailer, for more check out the new ANTEMASQUE subforum:

Need some new Volta?

Check out this topic here if you want to listen to some previously unreleased The Mars Volta material (demos, etc.).

Thanks to the anonymous donor and thanks to Shareeb for sharing with the rest of us.