Done moving.

Server is at its new location and it is up and running. So far no noticeable issues but give it a few days to know for sure, just a little change in regards to registration e-mails was necessary, my test worked fine after the fix.

Also, don’t be afraid if you can’t connect for a few minutes, we’re running some updates and might need to reboot the server.

See you guys soon!

Moving to a new server this Sat, June 21

I’m sure many of you noticed the downtime yesterday, power outage in our current data center (most likely caused by human failure). We have been a little unhappy with them these past few months for various reasons which is why we’re moving the server to a new location in the hopes that the forum uptime will be as good as it should be, which is as close to 100% as possible.

The move is planned for Saturday, June 21, in the afternoon (GMT). The board will enter maintenance mode, so if your nameserver records still point to the old IP address, you will get a message that the board is not available for posting – no posts will be lost, we’ll be doing a backup once in maintenance mode.
The actual downtime will be approx. 2 hours but it may take 24-48 hours for your nameserver to update its records. So in case you can’t access the Coma this weekend, I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend nonetheless, maybe even go outside for a bit? 🙂


Tremulant EP – Remaster

Head over to and get yourself a download of the Tremulant remaster, it is only $4 USD.

Direct link:

Database problems

We’re working on it. The board should be back up as soon as possible (database keeps &%§!(/%§ up after a few clicks).

Sorry about that, I would also like to talk about ANTEMASQUE as much as the next guy.

UPDATE: Should be working fine again. Hopefully. 🙂

ANTEMASQUE – Cedric and Omar working together again

This time under the name ANTEMASQUE. Other members include Flea and Dave Elitch.

Here’s the official trailer, for more check out the new ANTEMASQUE subforum:

Need some new Volta?

Check out this topic here if you want to listen to some previously unreleased The Mars Volta material (demos, etc.).

Thanks to the anonymous donor and thanks to Shareeb for sharing with the rest of us.

We got a Bosnian Rainbows subforum now

Come check it out here

P.S. ZAVALAZ has yet to release their debut album so without any intent to discriminate, it just seems like a sub-forum for them is not necessary yet, the discussion is still going slow.
(personally, I didn’t think the BR one was necessary but what do I know)

Board is back up!

If there are any issues, please post about them (start a topic if there isn’t already a bugreport one).
So far it only has the ugly standard skin, I’ll work on the looks of the board in a little bit – the most important thing is there and I hope you all like it.


Time to try again.

Bad news – it will be a little bit longer

Apparently there is a bug with the latest IPB software when upgrading, and as luck would have it, we caught that bug (only happens to some). It’s been reported by other people before but there is no fix in sight.
So I’ll have to restore the last database backup, then install a slightly older board version and from that one it should be possible to update to the newest. Sorry about that bit of extra downtime.

Rest assured, I’m working on getting the board backup and running asap (might take until the morning).